How to download my video recordings? (SpyDrive UDVC)

How to download my video recordings? (SpyDrive UDVC)

  1. Power OFF your SpyDrive.
  2. Make certain the microSD card is properly installed in your SpyDrive. For good measure, push it in to eject it, then push it in again to lock it back into the SpyDrive memory card slot.
  3. Locate a USB 2.0 port directly on the back of your computer or laptop. Insert the SpyDrive. Do not use a USB hub of any brand, its common than they will caught errors in detecting camera devices.
  4. The computer would detect it as an external storage device that could either be labeled as D:, E: or F:.
  5. Open "My Computer" or an equivalent and look for the removable disk drive of the card reader.
  6. Double click the removable disk drive to open it and view the list of video files. Double click on the video files you want to playback or drag and drop the file to your computer's hard drive or desktop and play it from there. You can also do copy and paste.
  7. After you have downloaded your video recording, go ahead and delete them off your SpyDrive to make room for future recordings, now safely remove the SpyDrive from your computer.

NOTE: To safely remove the card reader, you just need to right click on the disk drive pertaining to the card reader under My Computer and left click on "Safely Remove". Or, you can do a right click on the USB icon that can be found on the lower right of your computer screen. Then, left click on "Safely Remove".

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