I can't get my phone to connect to ClockCamWiFi? (DVRWFSPK)

I can't get my phone to connect to ClockCamWiFi? (DVRWFSPK)

Please make sure you're downloading the new RTCAM NEW instead of RTCAM. For example:

Please also make sure to download the newer users guide from here:

Then follow this:

1) Please make sure the MicroSD you're using does not exceed 64GB and is no faster than standard ultra (class 4-10) memory card. There are two memory card slots, install memory into both. One behind the ClockCamWiFi and one under the Battery (this is where video clips will be recorded).

2) First lets Clean APP Data for RTcam NEW and RTCAM (if both are installed) off your phone, and delete the apps. For iPhone and Android, they are completely different in procedure. Here is iphone for example:

3) Please follow the setups in the user guide below for Page 17 for a factory Reset.
Online Users Guide: http://www.electroflip.com/UserGuides/ClockCamWiFi.pdf

4) Once the ClockCamWifi is reset, Wait 5 minutes, switch it off for now.

5) Restart your phone, then download and reinstall the RTCAM NEW app again.

6) Print out or use your computer to pull up the online users guide here: http://www.electroflip.com/UserGuides/ClockCamWiFi.pdf
Do not use the paperback users guide (it is old and has a reverse setup) . Power ON your ClickCamWiFi now. Start on page 8 and work all the way down to page 13, step by step slowly.

7) It should not take you more than 5-10 minutes to pair, and setup the ClockCamWiFi.

8) I hope and think this might be helpful. If not we give it a shot by phone, as there are three different ways we can pair your phone with the ClockCamWiFi.