What is the difference between iTrack vs iTrack 2.0? (GPSGSMTRK)

What is the difference between iTrack vs iTrack 2.0? (GPSGSMTRK)

A. Size

The iTrack is the size of a pager (old school beeper/pager) while iTrack 2.0 is the size of two packs of cigarettes stacked on top of one another.

iTrack                    Dimension: 1.8in X 2.5in X 0.65in            Weight: 1.7 oz

iTrack 2.0              Dimension: 3.7in X 2.36in X 1.5in            Weight: 10.5 oz

B. Battery

iTrack offers two removable batteries, one can be used at a time. Each battery can last 5-6 days.

iTrack 2.0 has a built-in battery that can last 2-3 months during normal use, 3-4 months during light use or 1 year during very light use in deep sleep mode.

iTrack can be hard wired to the driver's side fuse box of a vehicle if the user does not want to use batteries at all. iTrack 2.0 cannot.

C. Antenna

The iTrack has internal antennas.

iTrack 2.0 has internal antennas but can also operate using the included booster antennas. They are external antennas for locations where signal might be very weak.

D. General Usage

iTrack is more for the general consumer such as tracking teenagers, vehicles, ATV's, motorcycles, golf carts, scooters, people, pets and etc.

iTrack 2.0 is more suited for commercial and business-related uses that require long term tracking on battery such as tracking freight, cargo, trailers, toy hauler trailers, 18-wheelers, commercial vehicles, valuable shipment and etc.