Why does my SpyDrive keep on shutting off every time I turned it on? (UDVC)

Why does my SpyDrive keep on shutting off every time I turned it on? (UDVC)

There are different reasons why your device would shut off when you turn it on. These reasons are as follows:

A. Low Battery

If the battery of your SpyDrive is low, when you turn it on the indicator light will flash for 3 time then device shuts offs. Simply charge the device and use it once fully charged. Or, connect the device to the charger to continue recording a video while it is charging.

B. Memory Card Full

If the memory card is full, you will see the indicator light flashes 6 times when you turned on the device then shuts off. If this happens, simply connect the device to your computer's USB port and remove the video/photos that you don't need or video/photos that you have already backed up on your computer.

C. Memory Card Not Inserted

When you turn on the device without a memory card inserted, you will see the indicator light flashes 3 times then shuts off. Just insert a memory card to the device (make sure that memory card is properly inserted) then turn on the device. The device can read a maximum of 16GB microSD memory card.

D. Memory Card Inserted But Device Still Shuts Off

If the device still shuts off even a memory card has been inserted then there might be a problem with the memory card you are using. Format the memory card by following the steps below: 

  1. Connect the device to your computer's USB.
  2. Open My Computer or equivalent and look for the removable disk drive pertaining to SpyDrive then right click and left click on Format.
  3. Check Quick Format then click Start to format the memory card.
  4. Once format is complete, safely remove the device and turn it on to test the device.

If the computer is not able to detect the memory card when you connect the device, use a card ready to format the card instead then re-install the microSD card to the device once format is done.

If format is successfully and device still shuts off when you turn it on, try using the memory card on a different device to make sure card is working or try a different memory card if possible.